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Tired of the same chalky tasting whey protein powders?

Tired of forcing down shakes in the name of nutritional value and wasting money on half used bottles?

A high-quality shake helps you build lean muscle and recover from workouts. It's supposed to be a convenient part of your diet. However, there is nothing convenient about forcing down an artificial tasting shake.

When you don't like the way your protein powder tastes, you find reasons to avoid using it. You waste money on half used bottles that collect dust on your kitchen counter. Worst of all, your recovery suffers - landing you short of maximal improvement from time spent in the gym. 


What if there was a fruit flavored whey protein drink that tasted great in water and was refreshing? 

protein that tastes good in water

We are talking about a protein drink that you actually look forward to using! One that requires just a bit of water and no blender. A powder that can be thrown in a water bottle and keep you moving. 

Meet Whey Honest™ - Protein that tastes great in water