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With Whey Honest™ you'll find protein powder that:

  1. Is Easy to Digest
  2. Mixes Effortlessly with no Clumps
  3. Builds Lean Muscle & Supports Fat Loss 


Is Easy to Digest

Does your protein leave you bloated or uncomfortable? When your stomach is giving you grief it is tough to focus on other things...workout, job, that hot date.

Whey Honest™ is easy to digest and won't leave you with that full feeling. We eliminated that pesky lactose which is inherently found in whey powders. {learn more} We also broke down some of the protein for easy digestion.  

protein that tastes good in water

Mixes effortlessly in a water bottle

Most protein powders contain lactose - milk fat and sugar. This is the main cause of your clumpy protein. It's also why most products are chocolate or vanilla flavored. 

Our unique formula has been stripped of lactose and is designed to mix easily in water. No clumping and no blender. This is pure protein that just needs some water to come to life. 











Tastes great in water

Remember that bowl of fruity pebbles or cocoa puffs you had as a kid. Remember the way the milk tasted when you were through. Imagine if it was water in the bowl instead of milk. Not the same. So, why are we trying to force chocolate or vanilla protein powders into water?

Wouldn't a fruit based flavor taste better? More refreshing? We designed Whey Honest in two mouthwatering flavors, fruit punch & tangy orange.  



 protein that tastes good in water

When you choose Whey Honest™ you truly get a protein drink that is quick and easy to use

But that's not all. With your purchase, you also get our hustle harder guarantee which affords you 3 levels of protection:

  1. If your product shows up damaged, late, or not as advertised we will happily exchange the product, all shipping charges covered.
  2. If you don’t like the taste, find that the powder clumps, or have any issues digesting the product, simply reach out within 1 month of your order and we’ll refund half your purchase price.
  3. If you don’t use the entire bottle within 90 days simply let us know and we’ll refund 25% of your order or send you a 40% off coupon…your choice.



How much does it cost?

Whey Honest™ costs $49.95 for a 30 servings tub. We use only the purest forms of Whey in our formula - isolate and hydrolyzed isolate. We could have used Whey Protein Concentrate instead. It's cheap, effective, and almost every other brand uses it. However, Whey concentrate contains milk fat & sugar (at least 20% and sometimes more!). This lactose can create unwanted side effects such as high product cholesterol, clumping, difficult digestion, and slow absorption into the muscles. Plus, you are stuck creating milk based flavors and we have had enough of those.

In contrast, whey isolates are much purer. Hydrolyzed isolates are even purer yet and are partially broken down, making them super easy to digest and rapidly absorbed by your muscles. These forms do cost more but make for a much higher quality and more effective protein supplement. 

different types of whey protein

You're a new brand, how can I trust you?

For starters, we manufacture our products in a cGMP facility right here in the US. We test all of our raw materials for imperfections and purity to ensure the best ingredients. The formula is then tested a second time after mixing to ensure that what we are putting on the label is exactly what's inside.

We are endorsed by real life people not paid spokespeople. It's a difficult way to build our brand but we like it this way. We'd rather earn your trust on our own merits than someone else's. This also is why we go out on a limb and offer the hustle harder guarantee. We didn't come from the fitness or bodybuilding business. We are working professionals who got sick and tired of cut-rate products that were difficult to use. We set out to make products for people like us. We hope that you'll give us a try.


Here's what our customers are saying about Whey Honest™:

I was worried it would be just like other proteins

After using it for awhile I can say it is definitely doesn't leave you bloated and it tastes pretty great! I've used a few others that end up sitting on my counter half used. Not whey honest, it's been 3 weeks since I ordered and I'm almost through my first bottle. Can't wait to try the orange flavor next! 

So easy

My trainer gave me a sample and I loved it. Easy decision to buy. I drink it right after I'm done skating bc it gives me energy to finish my day. It's quick and easy to drink. You just add water and your done. So easy

no clumping and great taste

I hated the way other protein powders tasted and how clumpy they were. I tried whey honest because I still needed a protein source that I could get right after a workout for prime recovery. I love that it doesnt clump at all and the taste is great. This is the easiest and most convenient product to get yourself protein right after a workout. Get that protein synthesis working right away!