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With Whey Honest™ you'll find protein powder that:

    Is Easy to Digest

    Does your protein leave you bloated or uncomfortable? When your stomach is giving you grief, it's tough to focus on other things...your workout, your job, that hot date.

    Whey Honest™ is easy to digest and won't leave you with that full feeling. We eliminated that pesky lactose which is inherently found in all whey powders. We also broke down some of the protein for even easier digestion.  

    protein that tastes good in water

    Mixes effortlessly in a water bottle

    Most protein powders contain lactose - milk fat and sugar. This is the main cause of your clumpy protein. It's also why most products are chocolate or vanilla flavored. 

    Our unique formula has been stripped of lactose and is designed to mix easily in water. No clumping and no blender. This is pure protein that just needs some water to come to life. See it in action for yourself...



    Builds lean muscle and supports fat loss

    Remember that bowl of fruity pebbles or cocoa puffs you had as a kid? Remember the way the milk tasted when you were through? Imagine if it was water in the bowl instead of milk. Not the same. So, why are we trying to force chocolate or vanilla protein powders into water?

    Wouldn't a fruit based flavor taste better? More refreshing? We designed Whey Honest™ in two mouthwatering flavors, fruit punch & tangy orange. We also used the highest quality forms of whey to deliver maximal results. Whey Honest™ is quickly digested and absorbed by your body. Protein gets to your muscles right when it is needed most. 

    protein that tastes good in water

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