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About hustle up Nutrition™

It all started with a 16-year old’s trip to the local supplement store

He was trying to get stronger before the varsity football season. He knew that certain supplements could help him but he needed advice on which brands to trust and which products to choose.

Instead of advice and a better understanding, he left the store that day with two bags full of mysterious bottles, no advice on how to use them, and a $145 charge on the credit card he took from his parents. 

12 years ago, that 16-year old kid was me

My fascination with fitness grew exponentially throughout college and lead me down a long road of research. From diets to supplements, to workouts – I read about and tried nearly all of them. Through constant trial and error, I became very good at discerning what was worthwhile.

Today, I don’t quite get to every new diet/workout that comes out. I’ve transferred time to the study of nutrition science and coaching –becoming a Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Level 1 PN Certified Coach.

After helping a few friends see incredible results, I realized that I had a passion for helping others become fit. As I thought about how to have the greatest impact, that supplement store experience continued to pop up in my mind.

Which is why, in 2017, I started hustle up Nutrition™

With a mission to help busy professionals achieve a simpler, fit life - we set out to break through the industry noise. Our goal is to create the highest quality, easiest to use products while establishing a brand that busy urban athletes can trust.  

We teamed up some of the most talented scientists and chemists to create the world’s first whey protein powder designed to mix specifically in water. Our products are manufactured in the US in a pharmaceutical grade cGMP facility. Our ingredients undergo multiple tests beginning with the original bulk all the way through the final product. We never use fillers or proprietary blends – we put in the bottle precisely what’s on the label.  

The folks that many of us trusted for advice have let us down. Which is why you will not find us on the shelves of the big supplement stores. We are proud to sell directly to consumers through our site and through certified personal trainers and coaches – all of whom share our passion for helping clients improve.

This is the supplement brand that you’ve been looking for.

Come hustle up with us!

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