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6 Ways Your Gross Shaker Bottle is Ruing Your Life

6 Ways Your Gross Shaker Bottle is Ruing Your Life

Users of protein powder in any form have grown accustomed to the shaker bottle. It’s a bottle, with a cap, and a wiry metal things that resembles a deformed slinky. We use this shaker bottle to mix our protein. But why? Is it partially efficient at blending? Or, do we use it because we think we are supposed to? You likely haven’t thought much about it…but you should. It turns out, there’s a lot at stake when we decide to break out that shaker bottle.

Spoiler alert: it could be costing you a promotion or a girlfriend 

Here’s what is at stake every time you bring out that gross shaker bottle.

1. Your health. Shaker bottles have nooks and crevices that trap the remains of your shake. That spiral “thing” is also a culprit. It’s called a wire whisk and we’ll get to it in a minute. These crevices are very difficult to clean allowing bacteria to form untouched. Your protein powder may also be contributing to the shaker bottle petri dish. Low grade powders contain large amounts of lactose. Theses powders clump and stick to the inside of your bottle. This lactose ridden clump is a hotbed for rapid bacteria buildup.

2. Your relationship. Those little clumps of lactose are what make for your smelly protein shaker. Leaving your shaker bottle uncleaned for days on end is like leaving a glass of milk in the sun. If your girlfriend finds your uncleaned shaker, the horrid stench may scare her away for good. Remember, smell has the strongest memory of any of the senses. Do you want to be remembered for a smelly protein shaker? Or, that bottle of Sauvage cologne you bought to smell as dark and mysterious as Johnny Depp.

3. Your time. Cleaning your shaker bottle is an arduous task. Do you put it in the dishwasher? Do you shake it with hot soapy water? Both can cause the lid to crack. If we go at it by hand, it’s often impossible to reach to the very bottom. We shouldn’t need to spend time learning how to clean a protein shaker bottle. 

 4. Your career. As fit people with busy lives, we often carry our gym bag to the office. It’s the bag that contains our rattling shaker bottle conveniently announcing to our boss that we just walked in 5 minutes late. Late people don’t get promoted. It’s okay, everyone is late once and awhile. Don’t let a rattling shaker bottle give you away.

 5. Your sanity. Remember the “wire whisk”? Well, it supposed to act like a miniature whisk and help the powder blend. However, it causes more headaches than it’s worth. Besides the noise, it also collects clumps of powder and gets deformed in your dishwasher. Think that your whisk is helping your protein blend? Try mixing your shake without it. Good protein powder does not need to be “whisked”. If your protein powder doesn’t blend and clumps in your shaker…it’s time to look for a new protein.

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 6. Your money. Cheap plastic and continual use cause the shaker lids to crack. If your shaker bottle has leaked in your gym bag, you know how much of a nuisance this can be. Stop praying that your bottle won’t leak on the way from the gym. And stop searching google for replacement lids. A high quality, wide mouth water bottle will work just as well…. if not better! They have less hiding places for bacteria and are easier to clean.

It’s time to dump the old shaker bottle… your health, your job, and your relationship may depend on it.

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