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The Perfect Cubicle Workout

The Perfect Cubicle Workout

Cubicle Workouts Look Funny But Can Be Incredibly Effective

If you are stuck in the office with no time to workout, you may have considered a "cubicle workout". It sounds funny, looks even funnier, and can be incredibly effective. That's right. There's a training protocol called the "tabata sequence" that is tailor made for working out in your cubicle. 

Learn How a Short and (not so) Sweet Tabata Workout Can be Done in Your Cube

So, what the heck is tabata? The real question is - who the heck is tabata? Dr. Izumi Tabata was a Japanese scientist from Toyko whose studies proved that muscle and cardiovascular gains could be made with just 4 minutes of exercise. How? Well, subjects worked out at maximal intensity for 20 seconds and then took a 10 second break. This was repeated another 7 times for a total for 8 cycles. 

How Do You Apply the Tabata Sequence in Your Cube?

Dr. Tabata had athletes perform work on a stationary bike because its easier to measure output. For our purposes, body weight exercises are ideal. For the cubicle workout we will be going through the tabata sequence three times with three different exercises. The entire workout will take 15 minutes, including a warm up. 

The Workout

Warm up with 30 seconds of slow paced jumping jacks.

Use the same sequence for each of the three exercises. Take a 1 minute break between them:

1. Body Weight Squat

2. Pushup

3. Mountain Climber

For each exercise, perform as many reps as possible in 20 seconds. Break for 10 seconds. Then, repeat 7 times, for a total of 8 cycles. 

Read This Before Getting Started

Two helpful tips to consider before getting started:

1. Grab a friend. One of you can keep time and count for the other. You also look slightly less crazy as a group of 2!

2. Keep your form! Even though you are using bodyweight there is always a chance of injury. The risk goes up when you are moving as fast as possible. Keep your body tight and maintain form...even if that means you have to slow down. 

Get Moving with tabata!

The tabata sequence is a brilliant way to get in a quick workout in a tight space with no equipment. It may sound easy but hammer through this once and you will feel the burn.